Disabled American Veterans
Chapter #1 Fort Smith

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Carl Vincent U.S. Navy Veteran
designs unique woodworking tools
for the handicapped. 

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​​All gauges are made of clear plexiglass. Maintenance free. Will last a lifetime(or longer). The Width and Thickness gauges are all 14" long so that they are supported on each side of the blade, and they keep the fence parallel with the blade. Made in various sizes so that a width from 1/16th" to 12 plus inches may be obtained in 1/16th" increments. Each has a hole for hanging, and a "shop made" hanger is provided. Option 1: (8) WIDTH and THICKNESS gauges, each engraved with width and thickness, $69.95 .
FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States A set of gauges will soon pay for themselves in "time saved" in taking measurements. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. THANK YOU!!

For a custom quote or questions email [email protected]

Jig Saw Blade Changer
Comes with jigsaw and one new blade


Drill Bit Changing Jig
All drill bit Jigs come with what is pictured here.
3/8 in Ryobi Drill
Twist Drill Bits
Spade Bits
Screwdriver Bits

For purchase information or questions email [email protected]